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TOLL FREE at 1-888-551-9106. For the best price in RV parts, go to our online parts catalog to retrieve a part number, and send us an Email for the best price. PKBRV will be priced competitively on wholesale camping parts, including RV awnings, appliances, and waste water supplies. Sign up and log in.

We don't offer gas cards, or claim to be the "Best RV Dealership" as some do, but let our reputation speak for itself and the fact that we have the best consistent prices that we can find. Where else do you find 7-day support when you're having trouble, LOW INTEREST LONG TERM LOANS, Discounted extended warranties, in store financing, discounted parts, gas cards, and a whole list of other available options. Compare Options, models, PDI and prep charges, interest, and what they sell you that you don't need? Look at the final payment, and term before you sign.